SG Enable is an agency in Singapore that focuses on building an inclusive society for people with disability. The brief for IdeAble was to build an innovation platform that centralizes:

  • collection of problem statements from persons with disability and their caregivers
  • discussions and ideation of solutions to problems surfaced
  • organization of project teams to bring solutions through steps of ideation to prototyping through to solution
  • documentation of solutions derived
  • publishing of completed solutions


  • nb: what are the top 3 things we want to show off? e.g. keyboard nav, normal/hi-contrast theme, ??

Our Approach

Creating Tools And Workflows

  • Beyond thinking about UI and UX, we approached this brief by understanding the objectives of SGEnable for this new platform. We understood that ultimately the business goal is to ______, and our primary impact is in developing tools and workflows to support that objective. That means users of the platform do not have to think about abstraction of ideas (e.g. editing a "Post" with a particular "Category" to edit a "Problem Statement"), what they see is what they get.

  • nb: can we talk about our approach to managing the huge surface area of features and our process of not just building what is asked of us, but also thinking through the actual user's journey and suggesting better solutions. we should also talk aobut how we set up a feedback system that enables us to capture bugs and feedback with Jam, making sure we have all the information to resolve issues without asking follow up questions about system environments and other technical info.

Pushing for Accesibility and Inclusivity

We knew that being a platform built for inclusivity, a11y support needs to be a top tier concern. We built an internal workflow where every page is tested automatically before every commit to the code, ensuring that we test as we build. This is complemented with manual testing of all our pages by internal and client-side testers, ensuring the platform's usability for persons with disability across a wide range of interfaces including screen voiceovers and even braille devices.

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Solid Technical Approach

  • Serverless hosting and deliberate choice of frontend framework to ensure a performant experience.
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  • Choice of backend technology that enables us to deliver reliable, scalable system with automated backups
  • Our choice of proven modern technologies allowed us to prototype and develop fast while ensuring bases are covered. A first-round vulnerability assessment uncovered only 2 low priority issues, which we were able to resolve in a week, closing all VA issues uncovered.